"Top quality work, design and construction gave us the look we wanted -- inside and out!" – Anderson Tractor

"Always available, on time, best techs I have!" – Visual Productions

"Three key words that describe VST Productions: Thorough, Trustworthy, Quality." – Volvo

About VST Productions

Specializing in Purchases, Rentals, Installations, Schedule Maintenance, Training, & Consulting.

For over 20 years now, VST Productions, Inc. has installed, consulted on, and serviced audio, video, lighting, and communication systems. A building background enhanced the consulting and installation departments by providing better structural knowledge, engineering, and equipment into all installations.

VST Productions, Inc. has been involved with installations including home entertainment systems, theatres, churches, coal burning power plants, nuclear power plants, restaurants, retail stores, large manufacturing plants, and recording studios.

Whether small or complex, we can design, consult, install, train and service all your audiovisual and communications needs. We have worked with many audio, video, and communication vendors. Vendors such as BiAmp to Bose, Crown to QSC, Apogee to Mackie; are just some of the well known names we have worked with in audio. We have worked in connection with various video manufacturers from DaLite to Mitsubishi, Sanyo to Sony, and many others. In communications we have installed systems from Norstar to Lucent Partner Systems. VST Productions, Inc. is not a company about pushing a particular product, but about meeting the specific needs of each and every client.